Premier League ReBrands


The English Premier League kicked off last weekend and along with the new season, the iconic lion logo mark goes through a rebranding courtesy of the guys at DesignStudio.

The previous regal logo of the lion has served for a decade. This rebranding follows the League’s decision to drop the sponsorship. Previously known as The Barclays Premier League, it will no longer carry a main sponsor from the 2016-2017 season onwards and will simply be known as The Premier League.

The new Premier League features an update of the lion icon, now just focusing on the head. This allows more adaptability as compared to the previous logo. The team at DesignStudio also addressed some problems that was apparent in the old logo.

“The old logo couldn’t invert, it didn’t work small, so all those things are gone now. We did about 600 iterations through many different stages to get where we are today. We wanted it to feel instantly recognisable to the existing marque, but be its own thing in its own way.”

– DesignStudio ECD, Stuart Watson

Vibrant colour swatches of bold, almost neon shades of blue, green, blue and pink are also used as the primary colour palette, which will be updated every 3 years. We at PlayPause love the colour palette personally as it portrays the league’s vibrancy and energy.





In addition to the rebranding of the static elements of the new logo, a new viewer experience that encompasses show titles and in-match graphics was created by the team at DixonBaxi.

Taking what DesignStudio has created for the identity, DixonBaxi expands on it to develop a system for the delivery of live match data including league table, player datas and other relevant information.

“We developed this system off the back of the work that DesignStudio did for the new identity. Essentially, the brand has been decorporatised [now that Barclays no longer sponsor the league] and we had an opportunity to describe and reframe just what the Premier League is,” “We planned to capture the scale, spirit and emotion of the game and create something inclusive that would speak to fans around the world.”

– DixonBaxi CD, Aporva Baxi

Like almost all rebrandings, there has been a mixed reaction to the new branding. Just Google “Premier League rebranding” and you will get a sense of how this rebranding has divided people’s opinions. We at PlayPause love it and to us, the Premier League has scored a winning goal.

What do you guys think?


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